The Teal Pumpkin Project: Are you participating?

Have you heard of the Teal Pumpkin Project?  It's a movement to make Halloween more fun and inclusive for children who suffer from food allergies.

Before hearing about this project I had never really thought about how trick-or-treating might be less fun for kids who are allergic to certain foods, especially nuts that are found in so many Halloween treats.

This year, homes with teal pumpkins on the front porch will have non-food treats available to kids with food allergies.  We already got busy painting a teal pumpkin for our front porch.

I opted for a small paper mache pumpkin so that we can re-use it each year, and just painted it teal with some spray paint I had on hand.  I gave it a coat of clear coat like I did with the copper pumpkins so that it would be waterproof and safe to keep outside.

No time to paint your own pumpkin this year?  Don't stress!  You can download this free printable to put on your front door:

Oct | 2014

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