Artful apothecary re-do

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I have this cool apothecary cabinet that belonged to my mom.  It is actually built to house DVDs and came from Costco many moons ago, but there is something so unique about it and I have always loved it   except for how orange it is.

Boy, is it orange.

For a long time I thought that someday (whenever that is) I would sand it and re-stain it to something a little bit more my style.  Then one day I was killing time on Pinerest and found this blogger on Let's Get Crafty who re-did the exact same cabinet that I had.  I was officially inspired and needed to do something fun to liven it up a bit.

I've been giving the Folk Art Home Decor Chalk Paint the stare down at Joann's for almost a year now.  I wanted to do something with it, but what?  Suddenly it hit me:  I could re-do this piece of furniture with chalk paint and give it some fun multicolored drawers.  So that's exactly what I did!

I had so much fun picking out all of the different colors I planned to use.  When I got home, I texted the husband this picture and asked "Are you as excited as I am??"

Do you want to know what he said?

He said, "probably not."

Points for honesty, I suppose.

If you haven't used chalk paint before, let me give you the low down:  It's an ultra matte finish paint that is incredibly forgiving and easy to apply.  I didn't end up with any of the dreaded brush strokes that typically drive me batty (or at least drive me to spray paint) on typical furniture.  You finish it up with a coat of wax that gives it a lovely sheen, and you can also distress it if that's what your heart desires.

Everything I have read about chalk paint says that you do not need to sand it.  I decided to take them at their word and...not sand it.  Instead I gave it a good cleaning with one of those wipe up cloths with the little scrubbies on it and called it a day.

I knew I only wanted to paint the drawer faces, so I grabbed some painters tape and taped it off.  My super helpful 4 year old even got involved by grabbing a screwdriver and removing all the knobs for me!

Everything else I have read about chalk paint says you don't have to be super careful about how you apply the paint.  You can even apply the paint in a crosshatch pattern and still have an awesome end result.

So, here is the part where I took a deep breath and let the eager 4 year old wield a paint brush and paint those drawers!  Sure enough, the end result was fabulous as promised.  We used a 1-inch brush so that we could just dip it straight into the jar of paint, rather than pouring it out into some kind of tray.

We coated all of the drawers and the body of the cabinet with a coat of chalk paint, then let it dry overnight before adding a second coat.  I was really impressed with the coverage of the paint.  We almost could have gotten away with one coat, but went ahead with two just for good measure.

Even the baby was having fun.

After the second coat dried for over 24 hours, it was time to add the layer of wax!  I chose the clear Folk Art wax, and opted for a round Folk Art wax brush just to make sure I was really doing it properly.  Apply the wax thinly in small circular motions, then just let it dry!  After it is totally dry you can buff it with a dry cloth until you are happy with the sheen.

I would recommend keeping a paper towel handy for blotting off any excess wax before applying it to the furniture to avoid brush strokes.  Just use a tiny amount of wax to apply a thin layer.

Next it was time to swap out the hardware for something a little less cutesy than the round knobs.  Thankfully, the writer of the aforementioned blog post already did the work for me.  I loved the knobs she picked out for her piece, so I ordered the same ones for mine.  I used the notches on a speed square to get everything level and make sure I was putting each of the new draw pulls in the right spot.

I marked off the holes with a pen, used a drill to pre-drill the holes, then the super handy 4 year old screwed them on for me.  I was very impressed!

Once the knobs were applied, that was it!  I love the way the paint has transformed this piece, and the way it adds a pop of color to the end of our hallway.  It's definitely one of my favorite DIY transformations so far.

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